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A range of equipment for on-site construction jobs

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Concrete Floats

Bull floating levels out ridges and fills voids which remain after concrete levelling is completed. The float is helpful in bringing the paste up to the surface as a result of embedding the coarse aggregate.
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MBW Europe’s ScreeDemon™ with Milwaukee Tools, has developed this electric version of the ScreeDemon™ which is powered by a high output M18™ REDLITHIUM™ battery.
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Texas Placers

Offering a simple and efficient way to drag and place concrete that is newly poured, the Texas concrete placer does the job faster and more efficiently than the traditional method of using rakes or shovels.
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Beam Screed

The beam screed is designed to help you finish concrete when the site conditions are tough. The motor-powered twin beams vibrate, the lead beam being the more vigorous, and the follow-up beam provides a lighter vibration for a smooth finish.
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Road Forms

Used in construction, steel road forms ensure the creation of straight edges for slabs, paths, or roads. These temporary moulds can be endlessly re-used so long as they are kept well maintained.
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Hiring a wheelbarrow is a workable alternative to hiring a line or boom pump, and it’s certainly a cost-effective option. Burman Plant Hire provides sturdy wheelbarrows that are capable of coping with the toughest site conditions.
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